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AskThem at Personal Democracy Forum 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.26.05 PMWe’ve been looking forward to the annual Personal Democracy Forum, and are proud to promote this year’s impressive two day lineup (June 5th-June 6th), which brings high-profile veterans together to explore emerging changes in the landscape of technology and governance.

Personal Democracy Media Co-founder and AskThem.io advisor, Micah Sifry, has assembled an all-star cast of speakers to shape the “Save the Internet | The Internet Saves” conversation. Our Net Freedom allies Tiffiniy Cheng & Holmes Wilson will open the conference and breakout sessions will follow touching on privacy & security policy, hashtag activism, online community organizing, and much more.

On Thursday, June 5, our very own David Moore will serve as a panelist on How the Web is Changing Local Politics, to discuss the web’s potential to bolster local government engagement. You can live-stream the session here (to come).

It’s not too late to register! Visit this link to reserve your spot.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.14.39 PMAhead of the conference we have listed those PDF prominent speakers with verified Twitter accounts that you can target for public response.

Sign-on to the questions below or ask your own and we’ll push for answers at the conference.

Questions, comments? Email maryam@askthem.io, @AskThemPPF on Twttr.

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