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Question for 2018 Candidates on President Trump’s Mental Fitness

Based on President Trump’s incoherent and saturated-with-willfully-incorrect-statements Dec. 28th NYT impromptu interview, a public question from political writer Mobute:

Representatives whose thoughts are as impossible to engage as quicksand shouldn’t be able to escape scrutiny via incompetence and mendacity just because engaging them approaches total futility… 

What they need is enough pressure applied to members of the House of Representatives to push for impeachment proceedings, so someone can finally ask them a question that servicing the access needs of their day-to-day White House beat prevents them from answering now, unprompted: “Without revealing off-the-record conversations, do you believe that the President of the United States is demented?”

Hey, we can do that – we built AskThem as open-source infrastructure for public Q&A with every 2018 candidate –

– enter your ZIP code below to ask an editable version of this question to your U.S. representative, then sign & share, for an official response:









… embed this same widget on your local news media, or political blog:

Contact us for custom versions, free of charge – simply email: david@askthem.io, and feel free to review our 2018 non-profit proposal for continual online public dialogue – with regional media partners – we’ll get every 2018 candidate in there, from federal & state levels.











The above creates real, live, shareable questions, such as the below.











Get in touch, we’re easy to reach & looking to spread our open-source, customizable JavaScript question widgets.

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