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Launch your own “Define American” campaign

As the U.S. Congress continues to stifle comprehensive immigration reform, we’re promoting questions to municipalities, governors and state agencies in how to pave the way for citizenship.

We’re following the work of award-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who bravely outed his status as an undocumented immigrant in his terrific piece “My Life As an Undocumented Immigrant.” In the spirit of Vargas’ project for narrative-driven immigrant accounts, “Define American”, we’re hoping to crowd-source powerful immigration reform appeals on AskThem.

It takes two minutes to create your own campaign:

Take a couple of minutes to sign on to recent questions you’d like to hear responses to:

Questions & comments welcome: maryam at askthem.io, @AskThemPPF on Twttr & page on Facebook. Let us know what questions you ask public figures.

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