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Elected officials & candidates for public office who have signed-up for AskThem


AskThem is our new non-profit project for questions-and-answers with elected officials at every level of government.

Please find below the names of elected officials who have already volunteered to respond to popular questions from their constituents (about two per month) as verified responders on AskThem.

We’ll be continually updating this list as more elected officials join our non-partisan project for civic engagement. For more info on how AskThem facilitates online public dialogue, please see our slide deck for elected officials.

Our big thanks to these #opengov leaders, listed below, we’ll work together to build a more responsive government. And this is just the start – remember, elected officials can sign up now and be listed here, takes just a minute, or email josh at askthem.io for more info and to get in touch. It’s free of charge and open to everyone, with open data for a better representative democracy. Here’s looking ahead to public launch – get in touch for a site preview beforehand.


Verified Responders as of Feb.10th, 2014

(Not every participating elected official below currently has a profile page in AskThem, as we’re still rolling-out profile pages from our data sources. But we still have access to official government data for all of them, and everyone in office below will have an AskThem profile page not long after our launch.) 

1. Sly James, Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri

2. Ed Ford, Council Member, 2nd District-At-Large, Kansas City, Missouri

3. Dick Davis, Council Member, 1st District, Kansas City, Missouri

4. Zephyr Teachout, Gubernatorial Candidate, New York, New York

5. Jeff Kurzon, House of Representatives Candidate, District 7, New York, New York

6. Brad Lander, Council Member, District 39, Brooklyn, New York

7. Helen Rosenthal, Council Member, District 6, New York, New York

8. Antonio Reynoso, Council Member, District, 34, Brooklyn, New York

9. Ben Kallos, Council Member, District 5, New York, New York

10. Mark D. Levine, Council Member, District 7, New York, New York

11. Marcos Crespo, Assemblyman, District #85, New York, New York

12. Gale Brewer, Borough President, Manhattan, New York

13. Alex Torpy, Mayor, South Orange, Jersey

14. Brad Hoylman, State Senator, District 27, NY

15. Andy Goodell, Assemblymember, District 150, New York

16.  Dan Quart, Assemblymember, District 73, New York

17. Lee Leffingwell, Mayor, Austin, Texas

18. Sheryl Cole, Mayor Pro Term, Austin, Texas

19. Bill Spelman, Councilor, District 5, Austin, Texas

20. Chris Riley, Councilor, District 1, Austin, Texas

21. Mike Martinez, Councilor, Austin, Texas

22. Don Berwick, Candidate for Governor, Massachusetts

23. Janice Cooper, State Representative, District 107, Maine

24. Bob Ballinger, State Representative, District 97, Arkansas

25. Bobby Moak, State Representative, District 53, Mississippi

26. Brian Greene, State Representative, District 57, Utah

27. Todd Weiler, State Representative, District 23, Utah

28. Linda Finn, State Representative, District 72, Rhode Island

29. Gage Froerer, State Representative, District 8, Utah

30. Robert Brawley, State Representative, District 95, North Carolina

31. Aaron Osmond, State Senator, District 10, Utah

32. Kelly McCarthy, State Representative, Montana

33. Susana Mendoza, City Clerk, Chicago, Illinois

34. Patricia Todd, State Representative, Alabama

35. Bill Gulliford, City Council President, District 13, Jacksonville, Florida

36. Colleen Garry, State Representative, District 35, Massachusetts

37. Chris Malone, State Representative, District 35, North Carolina

38. Doug Issacson, State Representative, North Pole, Alaska

39. Steven Smith, State Representative, District 11, New Hampshire

40. Fred Fitch, Mayor of Lawton, Oklahoma

41. Matthew Marchant, Mayor of Carrollton, Texas

42. Marcos Crespo, Assemblymember, 85th District, New York

43. Charles Weed, State Representative, District 3, New Hampshire

44. Kevin Shoemaker, Sheriff, Macon County, Missouri

45. Stephanie Singer, Commissioner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

46. Russ Crawford, Board Member, Tazewell County, District 3, Montana

47. Joe McElveen, Mayor of Sumter, South Carolina

48. Thomas Shepperd, Supervisor, Yorktown, District 5, Virginia

49. George Gordon, Board Member, McLean County, District 6, Illinois

50. Christopher Reilly, Commissioner, York County, Pennsylvania

51. Jason Falls, Commissioner, Cleveland County, North Carolina

52. Steven Reed, Probate Judge, Montgomery County, Alabama

53. Mike Yoder, Commissioner, Elkheart County, District 2, Indiana

54. Michael Pipe, Commissioner, Centre County, Pennsylvania

55. Jason Ward, Commissioner, Polk County, Georgia

56. Scott Hege, Commissioner, Wasco County, Washington

57. James Timberlake, Commissioner, Powhatan County, Virginia

58. Charlie Renny, Commissioner, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

59. Tom VanPelt, Commissioner, Leelanau County, Michigan

60. Jordan Ross, Commissioner, Warren County, North Carolina

61. Jim Holtrop, Commissioner, Ottawa County, District 5, Michigan

62. Steve Johnson, Commissioner, Larmier County, Colorado

63. Tom Antor, Commissioner, Kent County, Sparta District 2, Michigan

64. Kevin Roden, City Council Member, Denton, Texas

65. Phil Dumenil, Commissioner, Queen Anne’s County, District 3, Maryland

66. Amy Massillamany, Councilor, Hamilton County, District 2, Indiana

67. Daniel Brock III, Councilor, County, Grant County, Marion District 2, Indiana

68. Roland Lemar, State Representative, New & East Haven, District 96, Massachusetts

69. Mark Sharpton, Commissioner, Logan County, District 1, Oklahoma

70. Grover Bishop, Councilor, Cass County, District 2, Indiana

71. Joy Cooper, Mayor, Hallandale Beach, Florida

72. Lenny Eliason, Commissioner, Athens County, Ohio

73. Mark Kersey, Councilor, San Diego, California

74. Libby Shaaf, Councilor, Oakland, District 4, California

75. Melvin Priester, Jr., Councilor, Jackson, Ward 2, Mississippi

76. Karen Kusiak, State Representative, District 84, Maine

77. Rick Dietz, Councilor, Monroe County, Indiana

Thanks to Maryam Gunja, AskThem’s research assistant & community manager, for preparing this list. Questions, comments? Email david@askthem.io

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