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Connect with Local Elected Officials in Top Cities

From county officials to city council members, from the coasts to Middle America, AskThem connects you to a comprehensive directory of local officials nationwide.

As of today, check out our 50 city government overview pages for recently-added major cities like Denver, Seattle, Cincinnati and more.

AskThem offers the most local elected official coverage of any open-source website. You can locate your mayors & city council members in two ways:

  • Visit our national map to browse elected officials in all 50 states, or
  • Click the “Ask your own Question” button on the homepage and enter a street address.

Below you’ll find a complete list of direct links to newly-updated city data on AskThem. As we work towards rolling out more local elected official pages soon, see how you can support our free & open-source work and expand our city coverage.

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50 cities and counting on AskThem:

Our primary data source for government info is the tremendously important Google Civic Information API, which makes it possible for AskThem to return elected official information at multiple levels for a given residential street address. This valuable free data source is complemented on AskThem by Democracy Map, a long-running open-data initiative, and our own custom “scraped” data for city governments, as part of the Knight Foundation‘s outreach to the communities of Philadelphia & San Jose, CA.

Any elected official can sign up to respond to popular questions on AskThem – it’s free, open to everyone, and easy. (Non-profit and non-partisan, too.) Read how (it takes no more than a minute) and get in touch: maryam at askthem.io.

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