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Campaign for State Intervention in the Comcast Merger

Amidst the uproar surrounding the federal review of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger involving the House Judiciary Committee and the Federal Communications Commission, what influence do local regulating bodies exercise over the proposed acquisition?

As it stands, approval from powerful states like New York and California would provide substantial revenue for the cable giant and influence subsequent state regulators to follow suit.

New York Governor Cuomo has already pledged to conduct a “hands-on review” of the proposal while California‘s public utility commission lays the groundwork for a comprehensive examination of the merger. Elected officials and consumer protection advocates including Lieutenant Governor Candidate Tim Wu, Council Members Ben Kallos and James Vacca, are pressuring the state public service commission to reject the merger deal.

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On AskThem, we’ll connect you to elected officials, state utility commissions, and cable industry players to join the conversation:

  • Demand the preservation of state-wide Comcast jobs after the merger…
  • Does Tim Wu believe NY officials retain the influence to topple the deal on a national scale?
  • Ask Council Member and Verified Responder Ben Kallos about the merger’s impact on local low-income residents…
  • Reach out to local elected officials in your state to advocate for the rural expansion of broadband services…

    To find out more about broadband expansion at the local level, join our campaign to bring municipal access near you. Questions and comments are welcome anytime; drop us a line at maryam@askthem.io.



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