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Ask Glenn Greenwald anything – he’ll be answering

This will be satisfying.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to a sprawling tech conference for a sure-to-be-packed event with a leading media figure…. typical recipe for letdown, likely not getting the best questions asked.

Except this time, the journalist is taking public questions in advance on AskThem.io, and has agreed to answer some of them during his event. How cool is that.

Glenn Greenwald is holding a live conversation at South By Southwest Interactive, and AskThem is hosting the crowdsourced Q&A with him beforehand. We’ll be there in Austin for this remarkable event on Monday, March 10th – the event will be live-streamed, and we’ll be transcribing his live answers.

Ask Glenn Greenwald anything, and vote up the questions you want him to answer publicly on Monday .

Glenn has already agreed to participate, and his video conversation at SxSW is with AskThem’s non-profit advisor, Micah Sifry of Personal Democracy Media & TechPresident – so some of these questions will really be raised during their talk.

What are you wondering about Glenn’s deep investigations into the surveillance state, his plans for the new media company First Look, or how to encourage more Congressional oversight of illegal spying on U.S. citizens?

You can get answers – ask Glenn Greenwald a question now, about the future of journalism or civil liberties or politics, then share it on Facebook to get more support.

On AskThem, you can also ask questions about privacy to all of your elected officials – see our national map to get started at the top with your U.S. senators and representative.

And it’s not just for elected officials – on AskThem, you can ask questions and start petitions to any verified Twitter account – for example, the Department of Homeland Security , the FCC , the Justice Department , and  thousands more .

We’re excited for this opportunity to raise issues for Glenn on our open-source, open-data platform, so let’s follow his lead and  ask him some powerful questions!

Thank you,

-David & Maryam, AskThem.io

p.s. Holler at us if you happen to be down in Austin for the conference silliness. Looking forward to seeing friends such as our sibling Fight For the Future crew & the Knight Foundation team, Taco Hacking via Dan Sinker (TacoDeli on Lamar has the crown, clearly), and hopefully once again discussing fantasy baseball draft prep with someone in this, my third of the past four years attending.

Obvs. we’ll be on the micropublishing service continuously, ping us at @ppolitics and @askthemPPF.

David’s draft schedule, feel free to suggest events, certainly don’t mean to be overlooking any friends & allies & cool talks. Hope you can make it to the Greenwald event on Monday and help us spread the word for our non-profit project.

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