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Ask Candidates About SCOTUS & Citizens United

Cruz_Citizens_United2016 election season is heating up; it’s prime AskThem time.

Catch up with links from @EveryVoice on Twttr. See HuffPost, Sept. 2015: “In a recent Bloomberg poll of 1,001 adults, Citizens United — which paved the way for the rise of super PACs and other forms of political spending — was viewed unfavorably by 78 percent of respondents, who said the decision was so bad it should be overturned.”

Sign-on to support this question being delivered to leading GOP Presidential candidates:

If you were President, would your nominee to the Supreme Court support the Citizens United decision?

With public support, we’ll deliver these questions to the campaigns for an official response, and share the discussion with media partners.

Ask questions to Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders as well about campaign finance reform and more. Ask questions to elected officials nationwide, federal & state & local, and any verified Twitter account. Questions, feedback, email: david at askthem.io.

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